Barrow in the League Cup

I care about competitions like the League Cup only when there is a chance. Today, I care about it because it is a route to winning something and of the three things we enter at the start of each season, it is the best route for us. We have to take it seriously until we can't.

And for those that didn't know, Barrow are in League Two and currently sit 16th with four points from four games. You'd think this is an easy three points for us, but we also all know that Dean Smith will rest players and that for Barrow, this is pretty much their FA Cup final.

I know I should be writing how we'll go out and spank them tonight, but too many times I've thought that and it's matches like this that teams do slip up in. But I do think we will have enough, I mean we should.

And this is where I should tell you about how Barrow went out last time, but I can't. I can however tell you that against Newcastle last time out, we looked good. We didn't look anything better, but at this time of the season, it's just about points.

And because we know it's just about points, the football is secondary. After five or six games we should be in our stride and it's games like this one tonight where we should be playing a fairly strong side so we can get certain players into their stride more quickly. Confidence and wins breeds confidence and wins.

But I'm not a manager and it is a long season and many things can happen. And as my son tells me, don't have your players running at full speed all the time or you'll get spanked later on.

I'll be watching later and team news and updates will appear. Until then, it's time for some work.