Aston Villa v Bournemouth: Preview, prediction and odds

I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a good day. It's not because of last weekend, it's because everything else about Aston Villa is in a good place at the moment and the future looks good.

Last weekend was last weekend and we shouldn't dwell on that any longer. Tomorrow is the first time at Villa Park this season, it's a full house and I believe we're going to go out to win this.

But there will also be, I suspect, some trepidation. You see, Bournemouth are a Premier League side and each and every one of their players know what they have to do. And I fancy Eddie Howe will see this as an opportunity. I suspect they might start the match and have a go.

And if that possibility exists and it does, it means that we have to start the match as we mean to end it, on the front foot and in control. Anything else than starting this way could mean that we don't get into the game or worse still, we do, but there isn't enough time.

But I'm trying to be as neutral as possible today, you know, a little balance. Secretly, I think we're going to go all out, score three and be singing all day Sunday. And Saturday night.

But back to Bournemouth, because it isn't going to be a walk in the park. No team in this League is going to be a walk in the park. So that is where the trepidation comes in to play. We have to have a go, but it's got to be in a controlled manner. We can't expect to to boss the game for 90 minutes. Even if secretly I think we can.

Prediction and odds

This isn't me getting carried away, this is me looking at everything I've read and heard over the past few weeks, about how the manager setup his side last season and the players we have. I believe we will win tomorrow. The odds for this are 11/8 at Unibet. That means if you put a tenner on, you'll get £23 back if we win.

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