The Clowns at the circus, something has to be written

Each social network is very different. Facebook is where all your friends and family are, Twitter is where you register under any name you want and say what you want. There are a lot of Aston Villa fans talking about this match at the weekend on Twitter as if it's the best thing ever to happen and they can't wait.

They're talking like they're eight and it's Christmas on Sunday. And it is Christmas for one set off supporters. But it shouldn't be ours.

I really don't understand why people are so excited for this match. They are the clowns from the circus and it's the biggest match of the season for them. And it always will be. But it's not for us and it was baffling me that so many on Twitter are acting this way.

Then I remembered that it's not real people on Twitter. It's people hiding behind an avatar and a username like the bulletin boards of 25 years ago and the forums of 15. And a lot, not all (I'm on Twitter, like I know a lot of others are) are an absolute pain in the arse that it's ideal for because they can just about string five or six words together.

Yes, on the day I'll be as interested in winning a little more than other matches, only because like you, I know a few clowns and if we don't win, they'll be acting like they've won the FA Cup final. If we win, we'll put it down to a job well done. That's the difference here.

They are a small Club that can't sell out the biggest match of their miserable season. And they're managed by one of our own.

When trying to explain this to my seven year old daughter, who incidentally got it, I explained to her that the more things someone has, when they lose those things, it's harder for them to understand why. She said more mess with more things. It's not the exact same but it was great that she could think for herself at seven years old. All those going on about this, regardless of the spanking we'll give them, are setting themselves up for a fall.

We should win, for so many reasons

So I'm going to talk about the match and they do sit a few places above us. But for quite a few matches this season we were stuck with a manager thinking he had a bigger job than he did, controlled by an owner that took Twitter as the fountain of all knowledge. It's understandable we are where we are.

But all of that will have changed now. The manager has had a few days with the players and has a few more. He knows better than most how important this game is and he's also, man for man, got a better squad.

This manager will get the players up for this match and he will have them matching the clowns and then taking it up a notch. If for no other reason to show their manager that we're not equals. And a message to their manager, who it is said is a lifelong Aston Villa fan; some things are left not said, even though you've got a job to do. You know we're not equals and again, regardless of the result, your side never will be.

We should win on Sunday for lots of reasons, but I'll think more about it on Sunday when I'm back with my match post. Until then, I'm going to get excited about so many more things instead, because I have the capacity to do so.

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