Hull, Dean Smith and January. Possibly the most obvious post title since 2004

It's Friday, the day before Saturday. It's the week before lunch with Luke if you guess right or more likely closest to the number of people attending the Championship games tomorrow. If you are haven't guessed, you should do it in the comments here.

But this isn't about beers and lunch, this post is about January, Hull and Dean Smith. It's one of those posts I started in my head on the way to the office and I'm going to have open while I consume coffee and catch up with whatever is going on.

First Hull and I know some are going to say this is a must win match, but why is it? It's the middle of January and we're twelfth in the League.

I know some are going to think this wrong, but I'm firmly of the opinion now that we should just try our best to enjoy the season and 'hope' for the best. Does it matter if we go up this season or next or the one after?

Don't get me wrong, I want to win every game. But we're not. And is it supposed to be easier when you take over from a manager and haven't had the time to get the players playing the way you want. Why don't we use what we know as a reason to enjoy something, instead of ignoring what we know and setting unrealistic expectations?

I can't be the first person that has come to this conclusion.

I'm not setting us up for anything. Dean Smith is my manager and I want us to win but in the grand scheme of things, I'm still going to eat this weekend and have a pint or two.

I'll bet you that Newcastle and Fulham fans are not enjoying it as much this season as they did the last one. That has to count for something surely.

The transfer window

And as someone that often writes that change brings disruption, I'm now in this happy place with a little Stevie Wonder playing out of my Spotify account, where I want change. Change because we have the rest of the season to bed them in. And if by some miracle I'm wrong and bringing in new players now means we win every game and end up going up second, I'll eat my socks.

So I'm going to become a rumour whore for the next few days. I mean, it's been a while and I think common sense wins in the end and if you look at where we are right now, you've got to be quite optimistic to think we're going to go up. I mean, sure we can have a good run, but so can the teams above us.

I'm sort of accepting now, on January 18th, that we're not going up. Instead I'm going to try and enjoy the rest of the season. I know my weekends will be more fun.

My manager