Ipswich, Dean Smith and big weekend

For me, it's that time of the week where I can, if I want, have a little me time. I can turn off notifications, mute my phone and because of where I live, spend an hour or so skiing. Instead, I'm sat here seven cups of coffee in and proper wired. Is it just me or has 2019 started at full speed and isn't January supposed to be easy?

Enough about me, it's a big weekend and I had a dream last night about it. The thing is, it wasn't Ipswich and we lost. But it wasn't a current Championship side, it was a current Premier League side and not one that looks like they're getting relegated any time soon.

So did I dream that we went up or they came down? I am drinking too much coffee and someone told me or I'm making it up that dreaming is your minds way of saying you need to spend more time not working. Don't get me wrong, I love my work, but it's much more fun when just talking about it.

But enough about me, it really is an important weekend and I've got a good feeling about it and not just because Ipswich are bottom of the table although that should be reason for optimism. And that is really why I've got a good feeling.

It isn't a cup final. We're not playing to win something. We're playing a match. It's us against them. That's what matters. It's about the 90 minutes this Saturday. And I'm optimistic because on paper we should win and that is what football is all about. It's not about new players or interviews or social media. It's about winning.

But to feed everything else, more Dean Smith below and this wasn't even his weekly pre-match stuff. Are the Club whoring him out a little too much?

Dean Smith interview