Ireland is a dream, the village idiot, what will be, will be, Alex McLeish, please walk away

You judge a man by his actions. Randy Lerner took a massive dump on Aston Villa when he appointed Alex McLeish and Alex McLeish keeps hitting his head against a brick wall. People have stopped watching now also, they just feel sorry for the village idiot doing the same stupid thing, day in day out.

It isn't that he isn't a likeable man. We all like the village idiot. He couldn't hurt a fly. It's that you wouldn't entrust the village idiot with the keys to the bank. This Sunday, the village idiot has the keys to the bank and you know what, we could beat Manchester United and it would mean nothing. It would only be the village idiot misplacing the keys.

Sure, it would be nice, but look at the odds below and hand on heart, do you think we will win? Everything is possible, for sure, but sometimes you just need to take off the rose tinted glasses, take that toy out of your backside and man up.

Not even a wanted man

Alex McLeish isn't wanted. And yes, I'll say it, because of where he was before. He is tainted. You can't manage that team and ever expect to be fully supported at Aston Villa. And yes, he proved, time and time again that he wasn't good enough in this league.

But, as long as people keep going, he'll be safe in his job and as long as he is in the job, we are going nowhere. So, maybe we have to grasp that. Maybe we just have to accept that Randy Lerner is getting ready for another dump and this time it's going to hit everyone inside Villa Park.

Think of it any way you want to, but that is what is happening. Time for a dump is exactly what Lerner is thinking, you all know it and yet you all sit waiting for it. You could easily say I'm waiting for it too. The magic of the PR engine has sucked all hope out of me.

But he wont do the right thing and leave because he would be giving up all that money. He has no honour.

To the match

When a lot of the younger players played in this match under Houllier, they were fantastic and they made us all feel proud. When Alex McLeish played Manchester United last time, it was lambs to the slaughter from this manager.

I don't know what will happen on Sunday but I suspect defeat. I suspect this manager will bottle it and I hope he leaves soon. You see, he isn't wanted but he keeps waving. The village idiot doesn't know when to leave a party.

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Odds: Aston Villa at Old Trafford

Video of the day

Ireland is a dream, He's a superstar, Bosses the midfield, Down at Villa Park, Plays a neat one-two, Then decides to shoot, And scores a goal for the Villa, ah-ah, Would be good to get another, ah-ah!