League Cup final against Manchester City

A post needs to get written about Sunday and let me start by writing right now that I'm looking forward to it. It's a final and we've got a chance. But I watched Manchester City beat Real Madrid the other day and I saw us beaten against Southampton last weekend and my confidence going into this match isn't high.

And the thing is, you want to feel confident. But then I remind myself of 1994. Back then we were not expected to win either and we did. And we did it so well.

I'm guessing a few reading this wont remember 1994 and for them, I've made it the video of the day. It was special for a lot of reasons and going into it, with not many expecting us to win, it was made more special because this was a Manchester United side full of stars.

And when it comes down to it, it's eleven against eleven and anything is possible. I should also write that anything is possible if you approach it the right way. If we approach this like we did against Southampton, we wont win. If we sit back and hope to not lose, we for sure wont win.

We have to go into this game with a plan and that plan has to be focused on not everyone dropping back so we invite pressure and creating chances by creating space, attacking quickly and putting the pressure, in equal measure onto Manchester City.

It sounds strange writing this because I know we will go into the game wanting to win, but it's no good just wanting to win, we have to have a plan on how we are going to do this.

Another post Sunday morning, but I'm starting to get a little excited.

Video of the day