Match Preview: Aston Villa v Rapid Vienna

We didn't get lucky against Liverpool, we matched them man for man and took our chances better than they did. We had to change formation to do that and tomorrow night I suspect we will play a similar one, because I fancy Rapid Vienna will.

Rapid Vienna don't need a goal, but they will be looking for one and that is what, I think, they will be coming for. A goal for them well mean we have to score three so if they line up in a 4-5-1, sit back and try and get a goal on the counter attack, will any of us be surprised?

If they do that, which I suspect they will, then we need to play 4-5-1 too but with them sitting back, it will look more like 4-3-3, because we will go all out for goals tomorrow night, because we must. We need to go in at half time with a goal, maybe even two and we won't achieve that that unless we go looking for it early and try to put this game to bed as quickly as possible.

The thing is and despite the scoreline, we haven't made it difficult for ourselves, they just got very lucky with the early goal in the first game and while mathematically a 0-0 draw after the first leg is better, I think I prefer the result we got, as it means we need to go out and score.

So, tomorrow night, I fancy, will see pretty much the same as we saw against Liverpool, but with maybe a two changes. I wouldn't be surprised to see Heskey start instead of Gabby and I wouldn't be surprised to see Delph come into the middle for Sidwell, even though I think the three central midfielders against Liverpool were fantastic.

I think Delph might offer up a little more in terms of creativity than Sidwell, although I'm not sure, it's just a feeling and I think Martin O'Neill has a lot of faith in Delph, so I wouldn't be surprised if he started. It is just a feeling and we might actually see the same eleven start that started against Liverpool, although someone did email in yesterday suggesting Guzan is going to be playing all cup games this season to give Friedel a break.

I'm going to predict we go though, because we should be stronger and if we get a fair few people at Villa Park and enough noise is made, it is going to be an intimidating place to many of the Rapid Vienna players.

So, tomorrow night we will start a match thread in the forum, I'll be twittering every few minutes with updates and we will start a post here. Until then, predictions below please to win a t-shirt.