Match Preview: Burnley at Villa Park

Burnley are second from bottom and haven't won away from home all season. This match isn't about a scrappy, hard fought win. This match is about dominating and creating chances, nothing else.

Burnley have conceded 38 goals away from home in 13 matches - almost three a match and that is exactly what we have to do, if we are going to be anything remotely close to ready for the two cup games coming up.

You see, this game is about imposing our game. Fulham beat Burnley 3-0 at home, Bolton beat Burnley 1-0 at home, Manchester United beat Burnley 3-0 at home, Everton beat Burnley 2-0 at home, Wolves beat Burnley 2-0 at home, Portsmouth beat Burnley 2-0 at home, Spurs beat Burnley 5-0 at home, Liverpool beat Burnley 4-0 at home, Chelsea beat Burnley 3-0 at home and Stoke beat Burnley 2-0 at home. All these from this season and do you see a trend?

Business is business

As I suggested yesterday, the business end of the season has begun and we have to get three points from this match on Sunday. It doesn't matter about the results of teams around us and while it might be very fortunate if they lose and we do also, it really is about desperately needing three points from the matches where three points are a banker bet.

You might tell me that there are no easy games in the Premier League but look again at those Burnley results away from home. This isn't an easy game, this is just one that we should win and the bookies think so also. We are 4/11 favourites and Burnley are 9/1 at PaddyPower.

Martin O'Neill won't rest any players. Okay he might. Nobody can tell what O'Neill will do but you do know what his game is about; centre halves, defending; full backs, stopping crosses and defending; midfielders, helping out at either ends of the pitch and creating goals; and strikers, scoring those chances.

What I mean is, it isn't really about the players, it is about if they work hard enough and the players are in that place where they will run and run and run for the manager. Some are not in that place at the moment.

I will say this; we should be able to rest four or five players for this game but I don't think we will and doing so, while probably needed, is also quite a desperate move and shouldn't really be necessary had the squad been used more effectively. I honestly think we might rest one or two and I honestly think that if we are 3-0 at half time - which is more than achievable, that we might see two or three changes for the second half and for that, we will probably be surprised, but also relieved.

What would Gordo get?

So, a rather simple preview. We should win and we should score a few goals. Burnley shouldn't score and while they won't just roll over - we should have more in every department. This is not me guessing or a sucking my thumb and just waffling on - look at their results. Look at their squad. Look at our results and look at our squad.

Or, to point it in a way that some might smile at; a Gordo team wouldn't get three points on Sunday.