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Match Preview: West Ham at Villa Park and I'm joining Roskosmos

I don't know how to get excited about this match. I look at the league table and even though we are closer to Arsenal than West Ham are to us, there is probably more chance of West Ham catching us than there is of us finishing in the top four.

It's sad, how our season has come to a premature end and I know there will be some saying it's still possible, but it's still possible I get called up for the Russian space programme or that I win the lottery tomorrow, but come on, think about it. For anyone that saw Arsenal play the other night, you'll know it's over.

But, it's only West Ham coming and they're destined to mid table mediocrity as much as we are probably destined to flirting with the top four and even Marky Mark thinks we'll win this match, which I fancy could be the kiss of death, as he's confidently predicted a 2-0 win, when we've not beaten a fellow top half team at Villa Park all season.

I know there will be a West Ham fan or two on here this evening, after spending four hours typing in a comment, complaining that Aston Villa fans shouldn't be acting so confident, that we're not a big team or not feared, but I don't care. Our season is over and I accept that, so anything now is a bonus and many will fancy we'll get that bonus tomorrow.

After we get that bonus and piss it all away on Saturday night, we'll have a few confident supporters on here saying we can catch Arsenal, and I'll join in for a bit until my hangover clears, then I'll remember. However, that is assuming we win.

We could just as easily not win. In fact of the three potential results the most likely I reckon is a draw, but that isn't a prediction, just a fear that Martin O'Neill is going to persist with 4-4-2, which isn't going to win us that many games and West Ham will know how to play against us, as no doubt Gianfranco Zola has received the email every other Premier League manager received.

When we played Villa at home we felt we were unlucky to lose. Maybe they are not as dangerous as they were at the beginning but they are still a team you have to treat with respect. We will go there with no fear, that is for sure.
Gianfranco Zola, April 16th 2009

Still, we need to have a little bit of confidence going into this game and I do, I really do. I'd really like Martin O'Neill to show some balls though and admit to his mistake by going back to 4-5-1 for the rest of the season, but I don't think he will as we all know he's a stubborn git, Shaun Maloney confirmed that for us this week and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.

So, West Ham tomorrow. We'll be doing some live text, we're going to have quite a bit of banter tomorrow and we'll be dropping loads of links. We'll also be doing another football bet, where we will need your help, so come back early. More later but your predictions below please.