Mini Preview: Aston Villa at Eastlands

Manchester City finished 10th last season and 9th the season before. If they can finish seventh this season, it will be progress for them and they must be happy. If they then go out and buy Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the summer they should be able to properly challenge for a top four finish. They've had a good season.

However, Mancini has bottled it the last couple of games; against Arsenal his plan worked but against Manchester United it failed. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Manchester City went out to not lose in the their last two games.

They did have a very good result against The Clowns recently but as soon as the pressure is on and they come up against a team that poses a threat, Mancini has bottled it. They might not bottle it tomorrow, but they have to come at us and we all know that suits our game.

Early team news

I don't expect any changes. We have come this far and it would probably carry more risk to rest players or make changes. We have to play the same eleven that have beaten The Clowns, Hull and Pompey - continuity works and they won't be tired, they are now past that.


If we are to progress this season we need to win this game. Okay, mathematically we can lose and still finish fifth, but if we do not win tomorrow and Liverpool beat Chelsea, something I think might happen, we will end the weekend in seventh place and well, seventh isn't where we want to be going into next week.

Which is why I think we will win. I just think we are coming good at the right time and the likes of Manchester City are getting tired. Fourth is out of our hands, but we only have to win two games and fifth is ours.

FA Youth Cup Final

Some of you might not know this but the Academy side drew 1-1 with Chelsea at Villa Park last night. The second leg of the final is on Tuesday night (I think) and we will be doing live updates from about an hour before kick off.

Right, that is it from me today. Big day tomorrow and I've got lots on today, so if I've missed some big piece of speculation, please link to it below.