Pray for Paul Lambert, pray for Aston Villa, put it out and we might get it back

If anyone says over the next few hours that a point at Everton is good, they server a little slap because all they're doing is confirming the acceptance of mediocrity. One point a game is mediocrity and Everton, if we beat them, could very well find themselves in the bottom three.

And you can easily say that they're not going to be relegated and I'd agree with you, but you have to look at form and you have to look at opportunity. Now is a good time to play Everton and we have to go to Everton of all places believing we can win. Don't accept second best and don't just become a customer.

Me, I firmly believe we can win tomorrow and I hope we do. I also think it's vitally important that Paul Lambert gets three points tomorrow but you know the reason. It's October and if by now we're not seeing better football with more desire, I'm not sure we will. And if we go there playing football the right way, we will win. If we don't we'll not win and that for me, while really simple, is where we are.

So, if you have a moment today, take it for Paul Lambert. Say a prayer for Paul. Say a prayer for Benteke. Say a prayer for Sanchez. And in that prayer mention what you want tomorrow. Tell whoever is listening that you want three points for Aston Villa and Aston Villa to play football the right way winning every ball and running like it was 1982.

That's it for me. You've heard the news about Delph and I guess we'll get more news later today. I'm off home for the weekend and I'm loving that football is back. See you all tomorrow.

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