Spurs come marching, an opportunity awaits and the Aston Villa Supporters Trust

I can smell football. I don't mean I remember what it smells like to be playing or that I'm wearing my lucky shirt, the still unwashed one I wore to the 1996 League Cup final. What I mean is, I can actually smell a game of football coming, especially when it's a game that means something, even if ironically, very little.

And I'm not talking England. I'm talking Aston Villa and this Sunday, we're back. It's not going to be an easy game either, but if we learnt anything from the last time we played as a League, it's that Spurs showed early promise, but they're more than beatable.

But getting spanked at home to West Ham is humiliating and we know that Spurs travel well so they're going to come up this weekend wanting to put that behind them. It isn't going to be easy, but we will be fielding a stronger side than we did in the League Cup and we are all expecting something different.

It doesn't mean we're going to get it. And as I wrote before the League Cup match, I used to joke about Spurs, but not anymore. This is going to be a tough match.

A real world possibility

But I can't help but think they are beatable. West Ham are a poor side and they will be fortunate to finish in the top half this season and let me throw this fact at you; if we beat Spurs on Sunday, we go ahead of them.

And that makes it interesting. You see, for all we'll hear from Spurs fans over the next few hours or days, the truth is, if we win, we go above them. Now, for the great start they've had and for all the hype, that means that maybe they're not as good as I thought they were.

That means, that we might be better than I thought we were too. Hell if we're going into this game with a chance of going ahead of Spurs it is one or the other; we're better or they aren't as good and whatever way you want to look at it, I'm happy.

And before I go

None of us are sure it's happening but there is a feeling that Benteke is off next summer if not before. I can't speak for everyone but my feeling comes from the transfer request in the summer to the meeting with Paul Lambert and the new deal.

If he wanted off and handed in a transfer request somebody somewhere told him something and it just feels to me like Lambert or someone at the club politely convinced him to stay, for another season at least.

And despite what we know, about a release clause or not, there probably is one and it might just be an agreement among gentlemen that if an offer of around something comes in, we'll let him go. It might very well be a face saving exercise for all parties, we'll never know.

And I bring this up because more rumours have begun this morning that Benteke is a wanted man. I've seen headlines this morning pointing to Juventus, Lazio and Chelsea and I must stress, they are only headlines, so it could very well be a post like mine and Aston Villa Red Bull.

Match odds

And right now, you'll get 11/4 on a home win at PaddyPower. Now, I'm just saying that isn't a bad price when all things are put on the table. A chance to move ahead of Spurs, with possibly a fully fit side.

If I was betting on us I'd have some of that, but seeing as since I've stopped betting on us and we've not lost, I can't. Get the odds here.

Aston Villa Supporters Trust

And before I really do leave for a very early lunchtime pint, there is the AGM for the Aston Villa Supporters Trust coming up next week and there is a chance to have a Q&A with Paul Faulkner and Robin Russell.

I'm saying nothing, but if this is what you're into and our mock Q&A with Krulak on Twitter a few months back didn't do it for you, you can find more information here.

Or, you can even post your questions below or in the new community element of the site - which is massively under development but will be getting added to over the next few weeks.