Spurs tomorrow and statement next week

Well, we're here and it was a rollercoaster wasn't it. But tomorrow it ends and there is news coming.

And we know news is coming because Randy Lerner told us he'd produce a third statement in as many weeks. But it will probably come on Tuesday or Wednesday and there is every chance that it could be that the club isn't sold.

I mean, if it was sold, surely we'd know by now. But, bigger secrets have been kept by others. Either way, it's going to be interesting to hear what Lerner has to say. He's got options and there is hope.

A look to Spurs

And even though tomorrow means very little to us, I expect the players to go out there looking for something and with fight and passion and determination. Or am I just listening to the manager a little too much?

We did a good job against Manchester City for a while. I mean we defended really well for a while but then things got a bit messy and well, you know the rest. It should be easier against Spurs. Should is the big word here. I'm not saying it will be, but we're not playing a side that is playing for the title, we're playing against a side we 'should' be able to emulate.

Again, I'm using a word that isn't likely the case, but we're safe this season and well, last day of the season is usually fun and this summer is going to be very interesting. I guess, we can be a little unhappy, but we've hopefully got something positive to look forward to.

But Spurs are playing for something or more importantly Tim Sherwood is managing for something. This isn't going to be a nothing game. There is going to be something about it.

And for ninety minutes tomorrow, we have to forget where we are, what has happened. We go dark for a match and hope for something .. not sure what, but three points would be nice.

Moving on now, not sure to what, but the game tomorrow and a big week to come.