The best things in life are free: Aston Villa v Newcastle

We always have decisions to make. When shopping for a new pair of shoes, our first reaction is look for what we like, then we look at the price. Then we make a decision.

The same could be said for lots of things. But the best things are for free.

If you love football and you're passionate about your team, one of those things is a win. You can be watching the game, or listening on the radio, but when that goal goes in and when the final whistle blows, there are not many better feelings.

And it costs nothing.

It costs nothing, because we are connected. The club is in our system and it is part of our life. It is part of our daily life and part of our social life. It is part of most of what we do and that will last forever. It can never be taken away and it will always be there.

Match preview

This match on Saturday Sunday is hugely important and we need three points. One point was acceptable against Everton away, but at home, against a side newly promoted we must win. But that isn't the only reason why.

A win is important because of where we find ourselves, but it isn't going to be easy. Newcastle have won as many games away from home as Manchester United have and they are going to be wanting as many points as possible too. They could just as easily be sucked into this dogfight we find ourselves in now.

So they will fight for everything and they will be a threat. They wont be as much of a threat as they could have been as they are missing players, notably Kevin Nolan who is suspended and striker Leon Best, who maybe hasn't played that many games this season, but does have an impressive goal to game ratio.

But we should be stronger. We should want it more and we should have a vocal home support and that does carry weight. That does make the difference.

Match prediction

This is where I bang the twelfth man drum. Forget the song and forget the scarves, just be the twelfth man and when you hear things getting quiet around you, sing louder and inspire other supporters.

Saturday Sunday is about winning. Not about pretty football and certainly not about booing the players or the manager. On Saturday Sunday, everyone has a part to play and that part, if you are a supporter at Villa Park, is to support the team.

My prediction is this: a home win, but it is a home win because I think the team will grind out the result regardless of what is going on around them, but with the support of Villa Park, I think it could be three or four goals and I think it could be one of those weekends where you end up smiling all day Monday too.

Match odds

I'm going for a home win, but I'm also have a cheeky bet on Darren Bent. I fancy he has settled in and I fancy goals are coming. But that is just me.