The clowns of Birmingham City

I'm getting busier doing little, so you've probably noticed less posts the past year. It's also because there is nothing really to write that hasn't been written before, and now that I'm in my 40's I've realised that writing it more than three times is not worth it.

But it's a big match tomorrow, so there deserves to be a post before it. You see, this match means a lot for a lot of people. Even me I think, even if I can stand back and see that it's just a match and I'm not going to throw my toys out of the pram if we don't win.

And there is an important reason for this.

The truth is that we will always be the bigger Club and it's more important for them. It's their FA Cup final and if they win, they'll celebrate it like that. If we win, we'll be happy that we beat them, that they can't throw it in our face, but we'll move on. For them, they'll be happy for the rest of the season.

This is their match and we should let them enjoy the moment. They're clowns for a reason.

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