The Clowns this weekend and a video of the day

A few years ago, The Clowns was a big match. I was younger and we hadn't played them in years. Now, I see it for what it really is, their FA Cup Final. This is the biggest game of the season for them and they will always be in our shadow. It's actually quite sad.

For me, it's just another match. Sure I want to win, but I want to win every match. Do I want to win it more? I don't think so. I no longer live in the UK and the Birmingham City fans that I do know also know that what I've written above is true, so I get little from them these days when it comes to this match.

But I know some will say this is important and it is. We need three points this weekend because we need three points every weekend. I just hope there isn't a pitch invasion if we win and I write that tongue in cheek, but you never know with some supporters these days.

But back to why they will always live in our shadow because I feel as if that needs some defending, especially considering we are languishing in the Championship these days. But it's a simple one; desirability. Aston Villa is a Club that is easily desired. We're a Club with history, a magnificent stadium and opportunities.

Birmingham City sounds like a train station, airport or taxi service.

But you know, I got lucky. Growing up at a time when football was honest in a place where most supported Aston Villa. When I had a son, the first thing I bought him was an Aston Villa shirt and while he might not be that bothered about watch Aston Villa now, I know Aston Villa is his team and when he's older he will.

You see, we have a future, even if that future is all possibilities and opportunities. They don't and if you think about that for a moment, it's actually worse than sad.

The match

So, I suppose I've got to write something about the match so I'll make this short. I suspect McGinn will be fine. I think he pulled out of the Scotland match to recharge his batteries. I think also that the manager has got the players moving in the right direction and McGinn is very important.

Regarding players, obviously some are quite important, but I think what the manager is doing is getting the team to play a certain way, so while McGinn would be be missed, I think we've got others and I think what we've seen the past few weeks is a glimpse of the future under this manager.

And that is why I think we're going to see goals on Sunday. I think we'll win, but we could play Barcelona on Tuesday night and I'd fancy we had a chance. That's not the thoughts of a deluded Birmingham City fan, that's an optimistic Aston Villa one.

Video of the day