The daunting prospect of watching Aston Villa play the club bottom of the Premier League

If it was any other side playing QPR, even after the fairly decent performance they put in last time out against Liverpool, I'd have money on QPR to not win. I might even go all in on QPR to get beaten, but it's not any other side playing them. It's us.

There will be no bet on this game because I'm not really sure what is going to happen. The performance against Everton was one of the worst I have seen in a long time. Roy Keane is prepping his exit and Randy Lerner is happy picking up a point a game. And, it looks like Tom Fox isn't here to sell the club.

The thing that worries me most at this precise moment though, is that I don't think Paul Lambert really knows what is going on. He spent a lot of money on Sanchez and doesn't okay him. Okore is on the bench then off it and apparently not ready. The one player that we've cried out for since the day he started, the attacking midfielder or playmaker, was finally brought to the club this summer and he doesn't even get a sniff.

It's like Paul Lambert wakes up every day as if it's a brand new day and the notes he has to read to catch up on things are now so long that he gives up half way through. It's like we're reverting to something that happened 18 months ago. Can someone please wake up with Paul Lambert and tell him to go to the last page first!

You think I'm joking

And I'm deadly serious. It looks like he is lost. It's almost as if and I wrote this after the Everton defeat, that Aston Villa is too big for him. In fact, the more I think about that, the more I believe it to be true. Worse still is that the owner doesn't understand how big Aston Villa is. Sure, he says he does, but he doesn't really.

If sides like Everton or Spurs struggled like this the owners wouldn't tolerate it. That's the proof you need that the owner doesn't understand how big Aston Villa is. And if we lose to QPR on Monday, the shit is going to hit the fan and everyone close to the fan is going to get shit splattered all over them. It's going to be a literal shit storm.

So, that's my warm up post. I'm going to get something else up later but before I go, I wrote this the other day about what needs to be done to fix the game. It's not about supporter ownership, it's about putting in sensible restrictions that even the playing field. Am I right?

And on that, it's Friday and it's nearly lunch time. I'm off for a pub lunch.