Tom Cleverley, Darren Bent and Hull

This is a nice Saturday because we're not playing and can enjoy everyone else playing. It also means that we can share our thoughts on Tom Cleverley and Darren Bent.

We all know why Tom Cleverley is getting a mention and I for one hope the deal happens, but more on that in a minute. Darren Bent is getting a mention because the manager is saying he's not for sale and he's hoping to get the best out of him.

To get the best out of Darren Bent, you have to play Darren Bent. He's not going to score from the bench and let's be fair, the one thing Darren Bent is quite good at is scoring goals. If Tom Cleverley signs and like I've said, I really hope he does, I think we're going to play a variation of 4-5-1 and I think Paul Lambert might finally get the best out of Darren Bent.

Cleverley and Bent

If Cleverley comes, we've then got a host of midfielders that can attack and a host of midfielders that are more focused on not attacking. To name these, we've got Delph, Westwood and Sanchez who will sit back and Richardson and Cleverely who like to attack. So, if we're going to play four at the back and it really does look like that and I'm glad, it only leaves one place up front.

If there is one place up front and the manager is saying positive things about Darren Bent, I can see Gabby and Weimann getting dropped because in fairness, they've not really made the impression we would have liked. And, this is only because we still have Cole, Grealish and N'Zogbia, who could be playing in midfield.

And again, I'd really like Cleverley. He's taken a lot of stick at Manchester United and it's hardly his fault. But before Manchester United, he was on loan at Leicester, Wigan and Watford and given a little more freedom at those sides, he scored for fun. At Watford, on loan for a season, he also won the player of the season award after scoring a goal every three games from midfield.

Hull tomorrow

But that is all guess work and if he signs, he isn't going to be playing tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be interesting though, because even without Cleverely, if you look at the midfield players we have above, the manager could very easily look at playing 4-5-1 tomorrow with the likes of Cole or N'Zogbia in that hole behind Bent.

I'm not sure it will happen, but I'm sure it's something that is an option and having the likes of Gabby and Weimann to come on, if chasing the game isn't a bad option too. And we do have to win tomorrow.

Prediction and bet of the day

And because we've had an okay start to the Premier League season and because Hull played in Europe this week, I think we're going to win this game. I think we're going to start this league season and not have lost three games in and if Bent starts and scores, I think the manager is going to be convinced that that is the way he has to play.

And that's just me and seeing as I'm in a predictive mood, I'm also having a bet today on Chelsea, Swansea, Newcastle and Manchester City to win. My £10 returns £90 and if it comes in - it makes Saturday interesting and if it comes in, I'm putting it all on Aston Villa to win tomorrow. I've got a good feeling about that too.