Villa for Villa, White Hart Lane on Monday and dreaming for a day

White Hart Lane is a dangerous place to go at the moment. They have a belief that they can beat anyone and we haven't had that for years and years. They've got some very good players too, but most importantly, they play a certain way for Redknapp and he does know what he's doing.

The way Spurs handled the entire Modric affair this summer was fantastic to watch too. So many thought Modric was leaving but Levy and Redknapp both said he wasn't and I believed them. What they achieved this summer was status. They've left our level and they are now playing with the bigger clubs.

Talk the talk

If Spurs now say a player isn't leaving, chances are he isn't going to be leaving and clubs are going to believe them. Remember in the summer when Alex McLeish said that Downing wasn't leaving (even though we saw him holding up a Liverpool scarf with Andy Carroll) - did you believe him? I did for a moment, because it was one of the first things big statements he made and I thought he wouldn't be saying this unless he was absolutely certain - or he'd look a clown.

One week later and Stewart Downing signs for Liverpool and we get confirmation we have a clown as manager and the owner let him become one. Chances are if we say a player isn't leaving, it's just a case of when.

Someone at the club managed to convince McLeish this was fake. Top marks

I wrote the other day about how, if the speculation that Lerner is willing to sell is true, that the appointment of McLeish now makes more sense, because if you're selling up, it really doesn't matter who you appoint as he isn't getting money and he'll soon be gone.

Daniel Levy and Spurs are proof of what you can achieve without throwing too much money at it but Spurs fans will happily accept, if they're to compete for the Premier League, they need either more money (owner Joe Lewis has some but not oil money) or a lot of luck and when Redknapp takes over the England job - it will be a very interesting time for them.

Spurs are on a different level to us right now because they took the step up, but also because we couldn't.

To the match

I'm going to keep this short - I know you don't want War & Peace. We're going to struggle to get anything out of this game, even with our best eleven starting. Player for player, out of 100, we're at 78 and Spurs are at 83 (just my opinion) - but when you add the way they play and the belief they have it makes the gap so much bigger.

We are going to go out and try not to lose. McLeish never sends his team out to 'all out win'. He'll send them out to steal something and that attitude rarely pays dividends - it does help you break even and if you get lucky you might have a good week or two, but in the grand scheme of things it never works.

Which is why I don't think it will work on Monday. We could get lucky, but it will just be one of those weeks. There is however an upside for McLeish and while this is a big prediction from me, I think it possible. Even if we lose - we will still be in eighth spot come the end of Monday night.

That was as short as I could make it. I'm not feeling inspired, sorry. Spurs are on a different level to us right now and while it will be interesting to see if they can stay in it or if we can overtaken them - with dreams and hopes of something from nothing - right now we will find it tough to get anything on Monday night.

Thank the owner and manager for that - but like I suggested above - I think this owner knew he was selling up a while ago. He was always here just for the money and more and more accept that now. So on that, a video of the day before some wild speculation.

What we could be reading in a few weeks

Right - this is super quick end to the post. The video was just because, I think we need to be a bit of that for a few days. But if it happened and nothing is impossible, well almost nothing, we will start to read things like 'Villa make sensational Torres swoop' or 'Bale's joy at joining boyhood club' or 'Villa for Villa'.

I know. But come on. Villa for Villa. How do you like the sound of that? Right - I'm off. Not looking forward to Monday and getting carried away, but I'm a blogger and I'm allowed - so are you.