When boys became men: Aston Villa at Wigan

This is a big match. We had a good victory last time out, we saw Nigel Reo-Coker make an appearance or did I just imagine that and we did exactly what we had to do to get three points. We have to do the same tomorrow and I'm not going to say I hope or expect, we just have to do it.

There is also a story doing the rounds that Ashley Young is out injured for a month and while he has taken a bit of stick recently and is starting to take it from fans of other clubs, his work rate is high and he might be missed.

He might be missed because, while he is having issues with dead ball situations, talks back to the ref at every opportunity and holds on to the ball a little bit longer than is necessary sometimes, these are all things that can be fixed and when they are, he will be more missed that we ever thought would be possible.

But if he is missing, it just creates an opportunity. You see, he was going to play in the middle, just behind the main striker and that means, if he is injured, that Heskey will be partnered by Gabby, The Fonz or maybe, dare I say it, Stephen Ireland.

Making a name

Now, we might have Heskey and Reo-Coker back, but we are still going to be playing with Albrighton on the right and either Bannan or Hogg in the middle. I'd like to see Bannan, but that is just me. We will, hopefully, also see Cuellar again and for these three players, it is another important game.

They have to stamp their names on these positions and they have to make the decision for the manager to play them an easy one. If they do, I'm convinced we can win tomorrow. You see, Albrighton can cross a ball from anywhere and Heskey is smart, he will get his head on the ball and score, or create a chance. Downing on the left is also very clever and he'll cross when he sees an opportunity or play someone else in.

Reo-Coker could have scored a few already this season and he'll get one soon and if he doesn't I'm still putting money on Barry Bannan to score every time I know he starts, because he will score soon and when he does and he has his confidence, I think he could score ten plus goals a season for us and I want to say more, I just don't want to be ridiculed.

We might also see Eric Lichaj play and we might even see Bannan and Hogg start - the thing is, we don't actually know yet, but as soon as the team is announced, we will let you know.

So, tomorrow, we will be getting very involved in the match, you'll be able to watch it at VillaStreams if you can't get to Wigan or in front of a TV or a seat in the pub and we will be loading our Twitter page with lots of references to the mighty Aston Villa.

Expectations and prediction

We need to control this game. Wigan want to play football and they are going to pass it about. We need to stretch this game to create space and we need our fullbacks forward, we need our central midfielders to drop in, make space and they must want the ball. We have to use the channels and we have to support Heskey, or whoever is playing up front.

We can do these things and I hope we do, but no hope today, no expectations. Three points tomorrow please, that is all, but I'd like your predictions below.

Video of the day

I posted this yesterday and laughed. Very good video of Aston Villa fans at Liverpool.{rokbox title=|Aston Villa fans at Liverpool :: Aston Villa Blog Video of the Day| text=|Click here to watch|size=|640 385| album=|demo|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZnYloe5rhw&autoplay=1{/rokbox}.