Match Preview: Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux and a competition

It is always difficult when playing teams that have just come up from the Championship away, especially early on in the season. You might say we are a fair way into the season having played eight games but it is still early but Wolves will still have a little optimism left, despite sitting 16th in the table and this will be their biggest game at home for some.

As such and as is the case with all Premier League games these days, it isn't going to be one that should be taken lightly, but can you hand on heart, as an Aston Villa fan, see any other result than an away victory?

It will be tough and much will rest on how we set ourselves out to play but three points is where the smart money will go and while nothing really surprises me any more in this game, I'd be surprised if we were not in fourth place come 3pm tomorrow.

Marky Mark thinks we can only play one way and he maybe isn't wrong but at the same time that way has served us well this season and if it is just a case of finding out how to play the other way, attacking teams, keeping the ball and passing along the floor, then it might not be that long before we start doing it.

I hope we see it this season as it is what we need to start doing and with a new player or two coming in January, we might see it, but it could also happen before then.

It sort of has to happen tomorrow but the onus is on Wolves to attack as they are the home team and they should want to get something from this game. If they play like Blues did at home, looking for a point or to not concede then it will be more difficult, but surely, our quality should shine through over 90 minutes and with 75% of our goals this season coming from set pieces, if we get three or four in 90 minutes, which you would hope we would, then you have to fancy we might get a goal.

At the other end, defensively, we are as solid as I think we have been since O'Neill took over and all good teams are built from the back, so I'm not actually that worried about that department, but I do want to see us pass better and hold on to the ball more.

We might have beaten Chelsea last week but that was very much because they came at us. We need Wolves to come at us tomorrow and if they do, they'll get beat. If we go out all guns blazing and get the early goal I can see us scoring a few and I think that is what it comes down to.

We need to go out their and make Wolves play like they need a goal. Sounds strange writing it, but if they do, our frailties in midfield or lack of a real play-maker is probably the better term, then we will over run them.

If we sit back waiting for them to attack us then they might just be as cautious as us and that could then turn into a very boring game. But I have a feeling it won't be boring and I have a feeling we will get the three points.

that is where my money is going anyway. Predictions below and the winner wins a t-shirt. If more than one of you get it, your names get put into a hat.