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Aston Villa linked with Ânderson Miguel da Silva, a Brazilian striker

I really do hate international football and why, seeing as we invented the game, do we have to go through this qualification process anyway? Surely, as the people that invented the game, we should get an automatic slot whenever a tournament is on, I mean, it's our game and it should be our rules.

I mean, do these players really need all this time together and a warm up match to play Ukraine? Surely we could have slotted in a match in between and did they have breaks like this 20 years ago when I was a kid, I don't remember it like this.

So that is my frustration out the window and I'm not going to get started on what is wrong with the game or how it could be improved for the fans, who are actually the customers and the people that ultimately keep the game going and making the cream at the top a very nice living, as I'll be here all day and I've got DIY to be getting on with but the main reason is I don't want to get myself thinking about this all day and making mental lists that I'll only forget.

So, I'll get straight to the one rumour that I've found which relates to a certain player called Ânderson Miguel da Silva, or better known as Nenê. Yes, he's Brazilian and no he's not 18 years old, which sort of rules this out, but Martin O'Neill does like older strikers and I have called for rumours, so this is going to be given six minutes of my time.

Right, he plays for CD Nacional in the Portuguese top flight and he's having a good season, which sort of suggests why there is a rumour that us, Arsenal, Hamburg and Lyon are all interested and we have quotes, although I'm not sure how we've got linked to him after these quotes.

I am flattered by all the speculation. I am ready to move abroad, if my club accept a bid I will be okay to move.
Ânderson Miguel da Silva, March hopefully, 2009

He is 25 years old and he'll be 26 year when the season starts next time out and well, I've got to hold my hands up and say, with not 100% certainty, that I've not seen him play, so can't really comment but it feels a little like all the hype surrounding Santa Cruz in the summer. One good season doesn't make a player a prolific striker.

Look, he could come here and score for fun, but scoring a few goals in the Portuguese league doesn't mean he's going to come here and score for fun too, so I'm giving this rumour a solid two out of five and the only reason it's not getting lower is I fancy Martin O'Neill has a scout in Portugal, so there is a chance there could be some credibility in this.

So, we have a rumour, which to my reckoning takes it to three for this week, with some actual banter from one of the players. Question for the day; what will be the total number of new players coming in during the summer (forget about those leaving, just new players)? I'm going to say seven, but you all know I'm mad as toast.