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Aston Villa rumours: Three players who all play in midfield

I had a Liverpool fan and Everton fan round last night for the England match and there was some good banter. It was quite interesting to see the Everton fan big up the 'people's club' and the Liverpool fan to sit there knowing his team were always going to be bigger than Everton. The banter did get a little lively at times too, which made it even more interesting.

But enough about the thieving scousers and onto some rumours about our club and they're coming thick and fast at the moment, which I fancy is a good sign.

First player on the list I've quickly written is Almen Abdi, who I must confess I've never heard of. So trotting off to my favourite source, I find out that he is a midfielder for FC Zurich in the Swiss Super League and that he was part of the 2005-06 and 2006-07 Swiss Championship winning team. Other than that, if you happen to have seen him play, let us know below.

Next on the list is Fulham midfielder Dickson Etuhu, who once again I've got to say I know very little about, but he's only played 13 games for Fulham so I can be excused. Before not making an impression at Fulham he was at Manchester City, where he also didn't make an impression, Preston North End and Norwich, where it looks like he did make an impression and then Sunderland, where once again, he didn't really make am impression.

Now, I'm not paid £3mn. a year to manage Aston Villa football club, but if a player has only really made an impression at Championship level and has played for five different teams in England, I'd rather fancy that he's not going to make an impression with us and is certainly not going to help us get into and stay in the top four. But like I said, I'm not paid £3mn. to manage Aston Villa.

Last rumour for the moment is that of Atletico Madrid midfielder Jurado who is currently on a season long loan deal with Real Mallorca. Now, I may have seen this player play but if I have, I've gotta tell you that he clearly didn't leave much of an impression. You see, I like my Spanish football and watch a bit of it, but his name doesn't really stand out, although I will be having a look out for him now.

You see, if there was one rumour I'd rate above all others, it would be the Jurado one, because I quite fancy that our manager has placed his scout in Spain and if we're going to be bringing players in from overseas, I fancy they'll be Spanish or be playing in Spain, but it's only a hunch.

Right, I think that is it for now, three rumours, which I think gives us a total of fourteen players we've been linked with. I reckon out of those fourteen we might have one, maybe two, so if we're going to get the seven or eight players we need, to make a serious challenge for the Champions League or to stay in the Champions League place, then we're going to need to hear quite a few more players for it to happen.

It's going to make for a very interesting few weeks and with a bit of luck, we'll be able to announce a few of these deals as soon as the season ends, or maybe even before!