Chelsea want Ashley Young, Martin O'Neill doesn't want Ferreira and our Scandinavian scout is getting busy, apparently

I've woken in one of those football moods, so apologies to those, specifically AVMark who will, I have absolutely no doubt, find something to criticise in this post although I'm going to do my best not to give any room for that to happen. I can actually imagine him sitting at his desk with his pen and paper out taking notes, cross referencing.

It won't affect my mood though so to the rumours. The one that got me excited yesterday was one linking us to Paolo Ferreira and the first thing I did was look at his age, then it suddenly dawned on me that we had a fairly decent right back, or I think a fairly decent right back, which didn't get me worried, just got me to thinking.

Then I clicked on the link and it turns out this is absolutely 100% pure speculation from Setanta. In fact, it's not even speculation, it's what Setanta are recommending for Martin O'Neill, still, it got me to thinking and well, he is a very decent player.

But at 30 years old and with the cash in the bank, if Chelsea were going to let him go, I fancy he'd rather go home or to a warmer climate. The likelihood of this, probably a one out of five, although it is only getting a one because I have to give it a score. It should also be noted that Ferreira can play in any position across the back four, which would be something that O'Neill will like.

Setanta also made up three more targets for Martin O'Neill. I'm not going into them, but you can click on the link above if you want to.

Moving on swiftly from absolute pure speculation to probably more 100% speculation and we have, apparently, entered the battle for Argentine wonder boy Lucas Biglia. Biglia currently plays for Dutch Belgian side Anderlecht and we've recently appointed a Scandinavian scout, so it sort of all adds up and according to Wikipedia, Biglia is touted as one to watch at the 2010 World Cup.

Now, having never seen him play, I can't really comment which normally wouldn't stop me but today, fearing AVMark, I'm not going to. He is 23 years old and will no doubt be touted as a replacement for Gaz Baz, nearly a Scouse. Do you think after a couple of season he'll get a Scouse accent?

Before I go, we all accept that Gaz Baz, nearly a Scouse is off this summer and most are not actually that disappointed but one rumour that is doing the rounds this morning is that Chelsea will be after our Ashley and that they're going to come in for him with bags of cash. Will Martin O'Neill be able to refuse or more to the point, will Young want to move to London?

Now, I've not seen this on the Mirror website although there is an article about Adebayor, I've seen this on another website and they as good as open with 'new Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has named Arsenal striker Emanuel Adebayor and Aston Villa winger Ashley Young as his top targets'. They go on to say 'Ancelotti will be given a massive transfer fund to build his own team'.

Sorry, but have I missed something? Is Ancelotti the new Chelsea manager? Did this happen while I was asleep? Anyway, I have no doubt this won't be the first rumour associated with our Ashley this summer and it might even turn out like the Gaz Baz one last summer, but at the end of the day, if O'Neill says it isn't happening, we know from last summer that it won't, but every player has a price, what do you think Martin O'Neill would accept for Young?

This isn't it for today. I have a little work to get done this morning, but I'll be back this afternoon with something else and maybe even something else. For now, I must get this screen shot finished and a forum set up.