Fabian Delph to Manchester City is apparently back on

This is going to be a strange day. A reporter from the Manchester Evening News is reporting that the Delph deal is back on. There is also a picture of someone that looks like Delph entering a facility recently used by Raheem Sterling. The suggestion is that he's in Manchester for his medical.

Now, with all things Twitter, you have to take it with a pinch of salt, but there is an image and there is a reporter from a local newspaper saying it's back on.

But can this honestly happen? I mean it was only a few days ago that Delph said he was going nowhere and looking forward to the start of the season. That was only a few months after talking about loving Aston Villa and the loyalty he has for the club?

I'm not convinced. Sure, Manchester City could have guaranteed him a place or offered him £200,000 a week and that would be hard, but that doesn't mean he isn't loyal and it doesn't mean he doesn't love the club.

Anyway, it's a quick post. This is apparently happening and when the Manchester Evening News say it and there is a picture, it's hard to not believe. However, the picture isn't clear and nobody knows when it was taken and we all know local papers get it wrong.

And on that; I'm going to go find out more about the Aston Villa sale.

The apparent picture

The reporter