Red Rafa wants our Ashley?

It is in the Rumour Mill from our friends over at the Guardian but they are not linking to anything and they're probably bored so put one and one together to get 'time for a beer'.

This is a nothing story and not something we should even be worried about. Sure, Liverpool could do with a decent left sided winger and sure, Ashley might be interested, but there is absolutely nothing in it.

First, the Mill say it's £17mn and we know he is valued at a lot more than that. Second, Liverpool only have £20mn to spend each season (if we believe everything we read), so unless they are going to offer us all of that plus Albert Riera then there is, like I've said, nothing in it.

So, rather than me go on and on about how there is nothing in this, I'm going to put one and three together and come up with time for lunch and a nice glass of red wine.