Reo-Coker to Arsenal or Spurs, Gary Cahill to Manchester United and maybe a cheeky bid for Milan Jovanovic

I don't know where to start today. I usually get one or two alerts each morning but today I've got loads and quite a few are Aston Villa related and it's not even close to January. Could O'Neill be doing things now?

That is the question. If he is working on things things will leak, if he isn't, this is all just paper talk, so you decide, I'm sitting on the fence for the rest of the season.

First up and to something that is starting to feel inevitable and the departure of Nigel Reo-Coker. This morning reports suggest that both Spurs and Arsenal are interested in the midfield battler.

Add those two teams to Fulham and if you could get a price on Reo-Coker playing in London come January, I'd put money on it, as I reckon it's likely to happen, only because Reo-Coker isn't talking and O'Neill led us to believe something that wasn't true and the last time he did that, with Mellberg, he soon left.

Anyway, we have a rumour about Milan Jovanovic also. This isn't the first time we have been linked to this player. Back in July we were linked to him on the same day we were linked to Fabian Delph, but don't expect O'Neill to pay over the odds for Jovanovic. He might be a very decent attacking midfielder in the Belgian league, but the Premier League is different and we all know O'Neill is as cautious as a man spending his last fiver on a fruit machine hoping to win his taxi fare home and one more beer.

Everything above is pure speculation as is this next bit, which is only a very small percentage Aston Villa, but I was interested to learn about it. Apparently Manchester United are interested in Gary Cahill and are convinced with a big enough offer they'll get him. I for one, would love to have a player like Cahill, but he wanted first team football so we had to let him go. Pity really and just another demonstration of player power these days.

Right, before I go and put up a door frame, there is one more bit of speculation and this one links Curtis Davies to a new contract. Now, he's out with a dodgy shoulder at the moment and while I'm not sure when he is coming back, I can't wait. I think him and Collins will be fantastic, or Dunne for that matter.

Big Curtis is my number one in the back four and I think we can build a team around him in the spine of the team, but I guess only time will tell. Right, I'm off to put up that frame, but I'm in the house so laptop won't be far away. Up the Villa.

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