Spurs want John Carew and they are willing to offer Robbie Keane if we stump up cash too

I'm shooting myself in the foot, as this is from the Daily Star, who also reported on December 31st that an asteroid was 'on course to blast earth' but in the same article say that 'Nasa said the chance of the asteroid hitting us in 2029 is virtually non- existent', so I accept this could be all made up, but it is in the paper today.

What they are actually saying is below, but we've also started a poll to the right and all you have to do is pretend you are the manager.

Daily Star
Spurs will approach Villa and make it clear they are prepared to let Keane join them as part of a deal to net Carew. Martin O’Neill will be told he can have Keane if he stumps up £5m plus Carew as Tottenham cut their losses on the Irish striker they signed for £12m from Liverpool a year ago.

Now, I like John Carew because he likes us, but I'm also a huge fan of the Robbie Keane type player and given the choice, while I'd be happy with Robbie Keane, he wouldn't actually be the player I'd go for, simply because of his age. He will be 30 by the time next season starts and while I am sure he will offer something, in fact I am convinced he will, it is hardly planning for the future.

On the other hand, it could be the fist step, in so much, we get Keane and see the importance of that type of player and if he is the best chance of a player in January that plays that role, then we have to go for it. I also think he would be a quality addition to the fist team that would add another dimension, almost immediately.

So, in a perfect world, I'd pick a younger Robbie Keane, but for today, if that offer from Spurs is really on the table and they really want John Carew - a straight swap for me would be ideal. It wouldn't be nice to see Carew go and no doubt if he comes back to Villa Park in white, the Holte End will sing his name but Keane, for me, offers something we are missing and I think it is clear that given the choice, O'Neill will start with Heskey over Carew every day.

But, that is just my view. What is yours? It will be interesting to see how the quick question goes and I actually expect this to be a bit like yesterday and the Gaz Baz scenario. It turns out that people are split on him playing for Villa again, if that ever became an option.

For now, I must look at doing something good today. I just have a feeling, we don't have long left, so none of this might even matter.