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Sunday Aston Villa: Upson, Owen and Ashley Young

I've had a little break this week but I am now back, but before we get to the speculation today, thank you to every one that emailed in some posts and I know there are more coming.

They will all be used, one only if we sign a certain player, but they will come next week, only because they all seemed to come in at the same time and it sort of got too much to deal with when I only had the internet for a little time every morning. So, thanks again, but now to Aston Villa.

First up, is the rumour that we are after West Ham defender Matthew Upson. I don't think I will be alone when I say I don't think he is the player to fill the boots of Martin Laursen. I also don't think there is much weight in this, but part of me thinks he is the type of player Martin O'Neill likes.

He is a decent defender, but he is also 30 years old and while his age doesn't stop him from playing in the top flight, it isn't going to be a long term signing and I think the player we get to replace Laursen has to be.

Moving on, according to the News of the World, 'Michael Owen's management company has sent out a 34-page brochure, highlighting his goal-scoring skills and commercial value' to us.

I think everyone knows the commercial value of Michael Owen but this is football and while the 'commercial value' of a player is important, if we are looking at players purely on a commercial level we can pay a lot less and get someone from China and reap some real financial rewards.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Michael Owen, when fit, will score goals and rather than his management company send out a document, I'd like Michael Owen to want to come to Villa to play football and score goals, not because he has a commercial value to us. I understand his management company has to do this and I understand why, but surely his value to us is greater if fit and that is the biggest worry when signing Michael Owen.

Last today and I've not seen this anywhere but on the comments here (I've not looked anywhere else) but some have mentioned that Manchester United might be interested in our Ashley Young. Is this true, I've been away, I don't know.

What I do know is that Ashley Young is vitally important to us and he is still developing.I also know what the signal would be if we let him leave. It will be three years hard work undone very quickly and it would present a 'false dawn'.

To keep Ashley Young, we need to sing some real quality, to match his ambition and that of the fans. It has to happen soon as our preseason starts in just over a month.

Other rumours today include David Bentley again, Philippe Senderos for £3mn., David Beckham, Tuncay Sanli and Tom Huddlestone. Again, all rumours, but all discussed, apart from maybe the Tuncay one, but I'd never heard of it, or him and just picked it up on NewsNow.

Signings are coming. I can smell it.