Win-win-win: Young and Heskey and video of the day

If ever you wanted proof that a player wanted out of a football club - Luke Young gave it to us in May when he spoke about feeling cheated.

For the life of me, I don't know why he wasn't played every week in his best position but I am also at a loss as to what Martin O'Neill wants from a player - mostly because Luke Young seems to offer it based on how we play.

But, I think he only has one more season left on his contract so chances are high he will be leaving and the talk is today he is off to Fulham. The thing is, if we don't get cash for him now he and Nigel Reo-Coker will both be agreeing deals with new clubs in January, for free but on very good salaries or with some very nice signing on fees.

Football is so much more than just football these days and you have to be good at all things and if those two do leave next summer for nothing and Martin O'Neill leaves too and the new manager comes in and has nothing to spend - it is going to be tough for him and the club will be in a huge amount of debt for nothing.

Emile Heskey off to Blackburn

Here is a prediction for you; if Heskey does go to Blackburn, he'll do well and we will wonder why he didn't get all the man of the match votes while with us. The answer will be because Fat Sam will be playing Heskey as a lone striker in a variation of 4-5-1 and that is what he is good at.

It was what a lot of us thought he was brought to the club to do too, seeing as we were playing 4-5-1 when he came and doing so well, but O'Neill reverted to 4-4-2 and well, it all fell apart.

This is just a rumour but I think it would be a win-win-win situation and when you get one of those - you have to grab it.

Nice one geezer, but that's as far as the conversation went

We have a video of the day again. Pulp were from a time before things got serious and we are still in pre-season now so not completely serious, so here we go. {rokbox title=|Pulp :: Sorted for E's and Wizz| text=|This is a great song.|size=|960 745| album=|demo|}{/rokbox}

Right, I'm off to watch my first match of the summer. I love football.