Would you take Ashley Young back at Aston Villa?

I don't know where I'm going with this post as it's coming from comments on the previous post and something I've seen from the Krypton Factor guy. This is probably me coming up with something that is never going to happen.

But you never know. I'd have Webcam back tomorrow and if he came back, I'd never refer to him as Webcam again, we'd find a name for him, but it's fair to say that it never really worked for him at Manchester United.

At Aston Villa, he was a big fish, at Manchester United he was a small fish among many small fish and he's not made close to the impact that I'm sure he wanted and actually close to the impact I thought he'd make.

Sometimes things don't work out

When he joined Manchester United, I wrote that I thought he'd develop because he wasn't going to have the big man pressure but it turns out, he actually needs that. I think he also needs the love too.

But there will be a cost to him coming back and I suspect if the speculation that Manchester United are interested in Vlaar, that will be the cost. I can't see Randy Lerner paying what Ashley Young will cost and the salary, but as a makeweight in the deal, it's more than possible.

I also think Ashley Young (see, I'm doing it already) would be good for Aston Villa in so many ways and I also think he played his best football here. More than anything, I think he'll be welcomes back with open arms and I think when Benteke is fit, he'll love playing with Ashley Young.

And most importantly, I think Ashley will have something to prove and I think Villa Park will be his playground. He could be the signing of the season and if the rumours that Manchester United want Vlaar are true, I suspect it's something we'll have to accept.

Question of the day

Me, I'd prefer Young back at the cost of losing Vlaar, but that's just me. So the question of the day is; Young over Vlaar? Leave in the comments below.

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