All is definitely not lost for fourth place

You might remember that I posted a few days ago about how fourth place is not lost and still within reach. I think after the mid-week action you’ll agree that we are closer than even my positivity had anticipated.

A draw against the champions and two out of our three of our rivals blowing it has been a better batch of results than one point suggests.

Citeh have a game next week against Stoke before they play Liverpool (which is Pool’s next game) and I’d love a draw here, but any result helps us out to be honest. We welcome the awful travellers Burnley and Spuds go to Wigan looking for goals against a team they thrashed earlier on in the season. That trip to Wigan should be a tad trickier for them than it was at White Hart Lane but I wouldn’t be surprised if they won.

By the time we play the Cup Final we could be in a good position with a bit of confidence about ourselves. The only League we have before then is Burnley and we need to give them a good beating.

League Cup Final

I’ll be doing another podcast for before the Cup Final and I’ll be continuing my negative predictions so that I don’t curse us! I am quietly confident we can get a result in this match and I'll settle for penalties with Jimmy Milner smashing in the winner.

I’m also confident we can beat a resilient Crystal Palace side and move in to the 6th Round of the FA Cup and ff we can avoid any of the big teams that actually remain (Spuds, Chelsea, Citeh) then I’ll be very happy indeed.

So, I'm just saying, we are actually closer now than we were, so all is definitely not lost.