Reflections on a good weekend and a look to North London

When you look at our second half performance at Wolves, it’s clear to see how much Barry and Milner meant to us. We were overrun in midfield and that area of the pitch is the responsibility of Reo-Coker and Petrov. They simply cannot find the composure or talent to retain possession and relieve pressure.

We just concede the ownership of the centre of the park to the opposition. This went on for years under O’Neill and the stress of watching Villa play was, eventually, going to lead to a mass heart attack on the terraces.

As of now – and this might change when the evidence starts to be assembled – I think Houllier is astute enough, in a way that O’Neill wasn’t, to recognise this and put it right. We await the return of Delph and he may be the remedy. Bannan might have the class to do it. Petrov, bless him, was anonymous at Molinuo Molinue Wolves.

Does anyone know when Delph will return? Bannan has shown enough ability, in my humble opinion, to be given a longer run in the team. Until we find a midfielder who can put his foot on the ball and let the defence move out we will be constantly under siege. It will help us win matches and, in addition, prevent the terraces being decimated through illness and death.

I always knew Heskey was the ticket. I can’t believe you ever doubted him. I’ve been going through some of my older stuff to illustrate the point that I always had faith in him. When I find something, I’ll provide a link.

Visiting Harry Hotspurs Spurs’ blog is fun at the moment. Sir Arry is coming in for some stick and some of the punters are speculating warmly about giving Redknapp his P45 and replacing him with O’Neill. In that caring and helpful fashion that is a noted characteristic of us Brummies, I tried to give them a heads up. To no avail – the poor darlings are besotted.

The interesting thing is that, contrary to my earlier assertion, O’Neill may find gainful employment after all. One of the posters said that Levy wouldn’t let O’Neill ravage the overdraft in a million years in the way he did here and at Celtic and that might be true, but, like all good conmen, O’Neill has a way with ambitious chairmen.

For ourselves, setting aside my doctor’s concern at me being a Villan, I think the future is good, maybe very good. Houllier has a genial calm that inspires confidence. He has passion too. Houllier, McAllister and Cowans – this is a crew that might just get it done.

I’m happy – the game’s afoot.