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1.01 is the magic number: Aston Villa v Fulham

I've read that today is a must win game. And I wonder why people think that. There are seven games to go and based on this managers track record, 1.01 points per game this season and believe it or not 1.01 points per game last season, we're due another seven points this season.

And a further seven points this season will see us likely finish exactly where we are and exactly on the same amount of points we had last season which shouldn't be that much of a surprise considering he started this season like he did the one before.

But, I think if we pick up one more point this season it will be enough. But that's just my opinion. As is, today isn't must win, today is just one of those matches where we have to hope for three points.

Fulham are relegated

That isn't actually a fact yet, but they're 5 points (six if you want to count goal difference) from safety and the teams in 16th and 17th have a game in hand over them. They're going to need something quite spectacular to survive this season.

And I'm not sure if his next bit is true, but the team bottom of the Premier League has never won at Villa Park according to something I just read on Twitter. I'd be surprised of that was the case, but I think what it does go to emphasise is that Fulham are bottom of the table for a reason.

Even though we're only picking up 1.01 points a game under this manager, you'd have to fancy that this is one of those games where we're going to get that, if not more. This is a game we should win. So this is a game I'm putting my money on a draw.

Updates, team news and pictures

You know, even though I've made it out that the game doesn't matter and it really doesn't, because we know what we're going to get, I'm still going to be here. I'm still going to be on Twitter and I'm still going to be on the Google+ page and the community page we have on the site.

I'm going to do that because you can't just switch off when your team is playing. You can't just walk away from it. So, team news about an hour before kick off, some links to some funny shit and some stuff that isn't so funny.

I'm seriously considering a hair of the dog.