Aston Villa v Fulham: Inept manager v Martin Jol

I don't know what to write for you today about the match that you don't already know. We have an inept manager at the club and Fulham are in eighth place and beating us today could see them moving ahead of Liverpool.

Sorry, but you're not stupid. If you want stupid there are other sites and I can't gloss it over any more. It was a dark day when the club appointed Alex McLeish and the season was written off back then.

Sorry again because you're not going to get the 'I think we can win this match' comment either today. You'll get the odds below and they tell you a massive story. You'll get team news as it happens and as and when something happens, we will Tweet it, but if you want me to kid you of something today, this is the wrong place for now.

When the match gets closer there is every chance I'll convince myself that we can win, but Martin Jol is twice the manager Alex McLeish so I think it will be tough to even convince myself of it. I might even have a cheeky bet on the draw.


There is a chance

But a little bit of hope before I go eat my breakfast, because there is a chance. The hope is that Fulham haven't traveled well because they sometimes don't and if that is the case, we might get three points.

Updates and team news coming later and no doubt a great excuse from the manager for something.