Aston Villa at Arsenal: Updates, bet of the day and a competition

I think I summed up Arsenal yesterday so I wont go into that again. But it is the start of the Premier League season and we're going to have some fun ... aren't we?

And if you can't have fun when you're not the favourites, when can you? Does anyone know how often we've beaten Arsenal in the Premier League? It isn't often.

So that means even if we do win today, that statistic isn't going to change by much but it would be nice and there are not many better times to play Arsenal.

Sure, they will believe they can win and they'll play a type of football that is hard to play against, but they also don't like it when teams go at them and this is one of those days where we sort of know we have a chance. Get an early goal and anything is possible today.

Which is why I'm putting my money on us today because if we learnt anything last season it was that we started to play the right way. My bet of the day is very much a bet for Aston Villa fans; us to win and Liverpool to beat Stoke.

I've picked the other match because with Mark Hughes they could go down if he is with them at the end of the season. I'm not convinced he will be there but I am fairly sure that Liverpool will win today, so it sets up a nice return for if the bet comes in.

It's just over 10/1 for both matches and you can get those odds here.

Arsenal updates

So, the post is written the bet is placed and now we're just waiting for team news and the match. Don't forget we also have a competition that closes this afternoon; just guess the combined attendance of all nine matches today and tomorrow.

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