Aston Villa at Chelsea, Tim talks, team news and bet of the day

Tim Sherwood says that losing Benteke is similar to Liverpool losing Suarez. In his last season at Liverpool Suarez scored 31 goals in 33 appearances. Benteke scored 13 in 28. For me and this is just me, losing Benteke wasn't like Liverpool losing Suarez. For me and this is just me, this is the manager making excuses.

And I've read a few of his comments from yesterday and it's same old Tim. He even spoke about how nobody expects us to win so the pressure is off. He's coming across as a pub pundit. But he's right, nobody expects us to win.

The bookmakers think Bournemouth have as much chance to win at Manchester City as we have of winning at Chelsea. I might have a cheeky double on them and us to win. A tenner would win me a grand. But that's where we are now. In the relegation zone and even if we beat the Champions we're guaranteed to stay in the relegation zone. It's inevitable and every day we're wasting time, drinking wine.

At Chelsea

What can I write here honestly that Tim didn't say yesterday?

This is my first tough period in management. Once I get through this period everyone will benefit. I take a lot of heart from managers who have been through difficult periods.

Tim Sherwood confirming he should have started in the lower leagues to learn more about the game but chuckling to himself that he landed the Aston Villa job

We went for a young group this season, to develop for the future. Up until the Leicester game we were doing okay but confidence dropped. We need to improve and it needs to click and it will.

Tim Sherwood making excuses

The objective at the start of the season was to stay in the Premier League and as a group we're confident we'll do that.

Tim Sherwood surprising a few people

I'm in a difficult period at the moment with results but I'll get through it. Once I get through this period everyone's going to benefit. Aston Villa will - and certainly Tim Sherwood will.

Tim Sherwood talking in the third person

Tim says the right things. But we can all say the right things. I can write about how I like Tim and think he'd be great in the pub. But I can also write that he comes across as the cheeky chappy outside painting my house. And I do like Sherwood but it's not about us winning today, it's about winning three in a row before even thinking it's going to come good and I can't see three games and that's just winning three to make me think he's turning it around.

But you have to look at the evidence and it all points to something else. He has a win rate of 38% with us and he will be the first manager I can think of to get the sack from two clubs after not managing either for a full season. If that doesn't tell him that he's not cut out for football management, I'm not sure what will. I am fairly sure that there isn't a Premier League club that will hire hm after this. He's the new David O'Leary.

Updates, team news and bet of the day

So, that's written. But when you write that it's inevitable I can't change my mind. I guess you've got to admire that I do stand by it and you've also got to wonder or worry why the people running the club haven't figured it out. But enough of that, it's now time for my bet of the day.

And I'm going back to basics, sort of. My bets from this season haven't paid apart from a single, so I'm going back to the hopeful bets, because if they come in, it's more fun and this isn't work or business, this is about fun. So my bets are on the page, it's the two latest ones. Or will be when I publish the post.

And on that, I'm going to get ready for the football. I fancy Spurs will win the first match of the day and Chelsea will also win won. Maybe that should be my bet. But it's too obvious. Team news when it comes in.