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Aston Villa at Crystal Palace: Updates, team news and banter

The season might be over but the sun is going to shine and there is hopefully still a desire to win, for the players and manager, so it doesn't mean we walk away.

It would be nice to fastforward a few weeks, but while we're living during a time when that isn't possible, we continue with what we're doing and today is Crystal Palace.

And we have to be realistiic and accept that our season is over and that next season, we'll know by October if that one is over or nor too. This is where Aston Villa are with this manager at the moment, and that isn't my opinion, that is the managers view.

My view is he gets the summer, with one or two more signings and has until October. Then we'll see.

Crystal Palace

And knowing that the season is over should help. Hopefully everyone can have some fun and play without pressure. Maybe playing that way will make it easier.

I mean, we can't make it tougher for ourselves can we. We've played and made it look really difficult the past few games and football isn't supposed to be difficult.

Football is supposed to be about fun and that is what today should be about. Team news and all that when it comes in, but for now some breakfast and coffee, but it wouldn't be a post without a prediction and today I'm going with the obvious I'm afriad and it's going to be a draw.