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Aston Villa at Fulham and a three point prediction

This isn't going to be a long post. Or I should say I don't want this to turn into a long post because this should be an easy post.

We're at Fulham and they've just gone an appointed the wrong manager. They've got a great number two or football consultant, but not someone that is going to save Fulham. It would be like hiring Alex McLeish because Sir Alex Ferguson said it was a good idea.

I'm just playing. Nobody is that stupid.

I mean no disrespect to Fulham and there is always a chance that new manager syndrome has a part to play but had I worked at Manchester United the last couple of seasons, I could be a Premier League manager now; it's stupid owner season.

What I mean is, they think just because they worked with Sir Alex that they will be as good as him. It wont work. And here you go, a very bold prediction; René Meulensteen will be the next manager sacked.

Updates, team news and more banter like that

Right, I gotta move on as I've got a lot on this morning but I'll be back for 12.30pm with team news and and live an exclusive form 1.30pm for the match.

And this is a short post because I really do have to make a move, but I'm a child of the 70's and I'm mobile baby.