Aston Villa at Leicester, bet of the day, updates and team news

A lot has been written recently about how we're keeping possession but doing nothing with it as if it was a bad thing. I for one think it's great and keeping the ball is something I've written about for years as probably the most important thing we need to do.

And it's for the obvious. If we have the ball, they can't score. But also, the opposite; you need the ball to score. But the hardest thing about keeping the ball is using it the right way to score the goals. Some of you will remember Arsenal under George Graham but if you don't, he made that Arsenal team famous for winning 1-0. And he won stuff.

When Wenger came in, he brought in the players that made Arsenal special, but they still have the same philosophy of keeping the ball. In truth though, the best modern day player for Arsenal was purchased by Bruce Rioch; anyone know who I'm referring to?

My point is, you have to start with possession and a solid defence and when you get good at that and you can win all the games 1-0, which is a process, then you can start the next stage. But it doesn't happen overnight or the next game. It sometimes takes the next transfer window and then the next twenty games.

I've opened the post this way because it isn't all bad that we've started to finally keep the ball and dominate possession in matches. The important thing is that we continue, because this is the first step in the process and if we revert back to the other way of playing and this just becomes something that happened without a plan, then this is the final nail in the coffin for this manager. Like the CEO has said; it doesn't take four seasons.

Aston Villa at Leicester

So, with all that written it's bottom of the table Leicester today who have only won once at home all season and it just so happens that we are overdue a win and you all know when that last happened.

And that is why the 13/5 you'll get for us today is a great bet. It's almost three times your money when playing the team bottom of the table, it's where you've got to have your money today.

Updates and all that coming. Team news in just under an hour. I'm going for a beer.