Aston Villa at Liverpool: A match for one manager

I'm going to start with my prediction: there will be a winner today. Okay, that isn't a great prediction, but I'm not saying we are going to lose either.

Liverpool are having a horrible run and yes, we usually help teams out of that, but maybe today Liverpool are going to help us out of ours and if you wanted some hope or a little optimism, just look at the current form table; Liverpool are second bottom.

And there is a strong position you can take to argue that Kenny isn't the man for Liverpool. But the other position is that he needs time, a little more money and someone to tell him not to sell Dirk Kuyt, or if he does, that he comes to Aston Villa.

But he wont come to Aston Villa because of the manager we have and it is fitting that I mention him now. You see, our manager is useless and if the club offered me money to play for him, I might turn them down, so the chances of us getting a player of the quality of Kuyt is slim.

But again, our manager will be gone soon enough, so that doesn't matter. What matters is the next manager, or can I write it, owner. Enough of this though, to the match.

Which brings me back to my position. Our manager could get lucky and that luck would start with the horrible run Liveprool are having, but winning would be luck. Liverpool might also get lucky, but if they win, it might not be. I just can not see a draw.

Updates, prediction and team news

Team news coming about an hour before the match and updates below from me and you below. You also have the chance to make a prediction below and if anyone gets it right, they'll be a mention in bold in the next post, or maybe the one after and for a week, you'll be called the prediction king.

But until the match, I'm going for a sauna and I'm probably going to have a beer or three. It is Easter and I do think we should take this time to refresh.