Aston Villa at Liverpool, deluded Brendan and bet of the day

It used to be that Anfield was a tough place to go, but most can go to Anfield these days and hope for something. It's also worth pointing out that when they get rid of Rodgers, who I have to tell you has said some baffling things this week, if they replace him with another unproven manager, you can almost see Liverpool never getting into the top four again. Liverpool could be the new Spurs.

And you know, it's quite sad to write that that's the end for a great club like Liverpool. Not many teams have won the European Cup four times and sell out the stadium week in week out. Although I have to admit there is something funny about listening to Liverpool fans on the radio.

But enough about deluded Brendan and Liverpool, this is the Aston Villa blog. And like I said, going to Anfield could be three points, so we have to hope the players are up for it and take the points because we are in desperate need of them. Which sort of brings me back to what I wrote the other day; this is a great opportunity for Liverpool, if Sherwood doesn't get them up for this match.

The match

But, we're not playing with Gabby today and we tend to do better without Gabby. That's another sad thing to write, because Gabby is an Aston Villa fan, but I do wonder how he gets in the side week after week as a striker that doesn't score. You can argue that Sherwood sees him in training, but what matters is what happens on the pitch and it's not happening for him.

Which brings me nicely onto Benteke. He wont be playing for Liverpool today either and he's also struggling. He'll come good though as soon as they get rid of Brendan Rodgers. You see, Benteke is no Suarez and he needs a manager that can get the best out of him.

So it comes down to who wants it more. And in case you didn't know; the last match Liverpool won was against Bournemouth 1-0. The same as us.

Some statistics from the BBC

  • The home side has not won any of the last eight league fixtures between these clubs since Aston Villa beat Liverpool 1-0 at Villa Park in 2011.
  • Villa are unbeaten in their last four matches at Anfield and have lost just two of their last eight games at the ground.
  • However, Villa have won just five of their last 32 league matches against the Reds.
  • Liverpool have won more Premier League games (24) against Villa than they have versus any other side (level with Newcastle, also 24).

Updates, bet of the day and team news

So, that's the post for now. Team news later and updates throughout the day. But we can win this one and I fancy we might. But just as Rodgers is in trouble if he loses, Sherwood is also very close to trouble and if the performance today is as it has been, there could be some very unhappy people. And the unhappiness is based on Sherwood getting the Aston Villa job after so little experience - so based on something there is good reason to be concerned about.

So, this is just as important for Sherwood as it is for Rodgers and things could get messy for the side that loses. And I think that is why nether side will lose. Which links to my bet of the day; £10 on us and Leicester to draw returns £150. We'll see if it comes off but my bets of the season are not looking good, so don't follow me.