Aston Villa at Manchester City: It's about how the day ends

A big game for us kicks off in a little under 45 minutes but today is a sad day as I'm not going to be able to watch. It's one of those days and there is always one in the season where I have been booked by the wife and I can't get out of it.

I'll be watching on my phone every few minutes but it's not the same so I'll be on here too looking for updates, so you have a part to play today. I'll watch it in bed tonight, but live I'm going to have to miss.

What I might even do is not take my phone and not know the result. That might be the way forward.

Anyway, results haven't gone exactly how we would have liked today but it was never really about other results or it shouldn't be. We're still in the place we started the day and we were always going to be.

It's how the day ends that is important and anything is possible in 90 minutes. The team is Guzan, Bacuna, Okore, Vlaar, Richardson, Sanchez, Westwood, Cleverley, Delph, Grealish and Benteke. I'll make a decision soon about not taking the phone.

Otherwise, keep me up to date please.