Aston Villa at Newcastle: Have the players gelled yet?

The table doesn't mean anything at this stage of the season, but I will say this; if we win today, we could end up in eighth place and maybe even above Newcastle. Sort of puts things into perspective doesn't it.

And a win at Newcastle isn't that impossible to believe (those that read the post yesterday will know this part is coming) because they've only played Spurs at home and won this season and it feels a lot like everyone is going to beat Spurs this season when they arrive.

And I'll touch on Spurs for a moment, because their supporters are sounding a lot like ours at the moment and there was even a man dressed up in a Harry Redknapp mask at the match yesterday carrying a banner asking for his job back. He was probably asking for his job back because he didn't need time for the players to gel to his way of winning football matches.

But enough of that, we have Newcastle today and they had their good season last time out. It wont be as good this season and most in football know this, but Newcastle fans are too close to see it, but trust me, they'll not finish fifth this season and I'd be surprised if they finished top six.

Don't get me wrong, they'll probably finish higher than us and you know what, they'll probably beat us today, but I've got to look for positives and I've got to look for opportunities. But they'll not win because our players haven't 'gelled' yet. They'll win because we don't have enough experience in the side.

Odds and updates

There you go, I think I've been as straight down the line as I could have been this morning and looking at those odds, I'm having a cheeky fiver on us to win, because in football, anything is possible and because can anyone tell me the last time we started the season and went three games without picking up a point?

So on that, I'm going to finish my door, but I'll be back a little later to watch Liverpool get beaten at home to Arsenal and with team news for us as soon as it comes out.