Aston Villa at Newcastle: Short post, massive game

It's a nervous post because right now I'm thinking we're going to start to turn things around soon and I believe to day is the day. I'm full of optimism right now, because I'm one of the few that think the season isn't really over. And I think that's the right place to be.

I don't mind you saying to me in three months if we're relegated that you told me so. A part of me just wants to be in that place that thinks we can do it for as long as possible and I know, if we lose today, I'll feel different after the match, but I also know when I get out my graph, I'll see that there is a chance. And if we do win today, it will be a massive three points.

So I'm going to get my bets on. I'm going to get the papers out and as soon as the team is out, I'll try to post them here before someone else does. Is there anything else to write about this match?

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