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Aston Villa at Old Trafford: They're not what they used to be and Moyes is a dead man walking

I started to write this post yesterday then I got sidetracked and it was starting to get a little long so I just deleted it. The crux of the message was that there isn't going to be a better time to play Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Manchester United are now no longer feared. Other sides and supporters, me included, look at going to Old Trafford as an opportunity. And that wont last forever, but it's never going to be how it used to be.

Manchester United are the new Chelsea, or Arsenal. There is always a chance now. And I do feel sorry for Sir Alex in a way, because everything he built at the club was undone in one season. And it was his choice.

It just goes to show how important the manager is and actually under the right manager, what can be achieved with a certain group of players. Sir Alex had this group, minus Fellaini and Mata, winning the league at a canter last season. Think about that for a moment.

To the match

So, that was the preview post. The match kicks off nice and early today and if we win we'll move up two places to 10th and most would have accepted that at the start of the season.

If we don't win and others around us do, we could drop a couple of places too, but we're going to Old Trafford, we should win this. Fingers crossed Fellaini starts.

Updates, team news and all that coming as it comes in. For now, breakfast and some light exercise.