Aston Villa at Southampton: Live updates and team news

What can I write? We go to Southampton and it's a League Cup game and you know what, nobody expects anything. We all hope for something, nobody more than Kevin MacDonald probably and I hope we get something just for him.

And up until recently, Southampton was not a nice place to visit, but it's sorted itself out and is now a very pleasant town. The local beers are quite nice too, although I'm not sure how local they actually are. And this paragraph started off so much worse.

But it's a match and one that well, we'd all like to win and you know what, these players, if they're as gutted as the media would have us believe, have got something to prove tonight. It will be interesting to see if they do. I mean, it's only Southampton.

In other news

We'll get to the game later and they'll be opinion and links before, but I want to touch on Paul Lambert for a moment because he must be loving this at the moment. It's almost as if he's hired a PR guy just to tout him out since Sherwood got the sack.

He's talking about supporters having high expectations when his problem was his expectations were too low. Behaviour breed behaviour and this is why he got the sack. Expectations are supposed to be set; if he wants everyone to go around as unhappy as he is, then that's his call, but he failed as manager and I'm not so sure anyone takes what he has to say seriously, hence why he's not found another job and why he'll fail at the next one too, unless given funds.

But I'm leaving Lambert and I'll do my best to not mention him again. The match kicks off in a couple of hours, so I'm going to get a beer and I'm going to get some work done. It's an interesting time and we started working with this platform for managing innovation; boring stuff you might think, but some amazing results.

In other other news

And on that, expect some news on a new manager soon. You have to don't you. I mean, you've got to fancy they didn't make the decision on the back of one result. Right?