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Aston Villa at Stoke: A season defining match for Aston Villa

I tried writing a couple of posts this week but every time I got to the third paragraph it started to sound the same as the last. You're not stupid, we all know what it going on and it has been written many times before.

But nobody has heard about what is going to happen today and today is massive for Aston Villa. You see, there is only one result that is good enough; a win moves us above Wigan and Sunderland to the same points as Newcastle.

Anything other than a win today and we stay in the relegation zone. Make no mistake, this game is massive. On top of all that, if we don't win, we'll be disappointed, because it is Stoke and they are beatable (they currently sit in the bottom three in the current form table).

What more can I write? If we don't win and the likes of QPR and Wigan have good results tomorrow, we're in a lot of trouble. Some will even be predicting relegation.

Updates, speculation and team news

I try to leave the speculation to other sites, until the transfer window is open, but I see we were linked to a Walsall player this week and I thought, that just about sums us up at the moment and it isn't good enough. Not the speculation, you can't stop that, it's that the speculation is written and people believe it.

But I am leaving this now as I could get into trouble and I don't want Paul Lambert to spit out anything from his second breakfast.

Instead, I'm going to leave football for a few hours and concentrate on having some fun today. You see, at 3pm when the team news comes out, it all becomes serious.

My pre-match optimism, thinking we can beat anyone isn't going to be with us today, because today is one of those FA Cup Finals the manager spoke about a couple of months ago.

Today is about fight and determination. Scrap that, today more than anything, is about heart and courage. These players have to want to be Premier League players next season and we have to hope that they've not already reached a comfort zone with their big contracts and even bigger salaries. Back in a few hours.