Aston Villa at Stoke with Kevin MacDonald

It is the perfect excuse to have a beer. Football on Monday night was invented by a drunk or at the very least someone that liked to have a few beers. I fall into the second category and loving football at the same time makes tonight a perfect Monday night.

It wont be easy and we know this because John Carew has said Stoke is is one of "the most difficult away games in the Premier League", so it must be true. It isn't really.

Of the 38 games they have played at home in the past two seasons they have won 17, drawn eleven and lost ten. Last season, if the league table was worked out on just home results they would have finished thirteenth. Okay, eighth the season before, but still, that means there are a lot of teams with better home records which means there are many tougher away games.

But, we need to be told it is going to be tough in case things don't go to plan. The plan is three points and it really should be against a team like Stoke and you know what, I expect it.

You'll tell me that we shouldn't expect it, but then that is the difference between you and me and when we all start expecting it, and then start demanding it, things might start to get better.

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Right, I'm getting my money on an away win, because I really do think we can win and I really do think Kevin MacDonald is going to show us all what we are going to be missing fairly soon. I still cant get my head around the club pushing him to apply, knowing that there was already a dialogue with Houllier.

So, updates and team news will come here but we will also be mad on Twitter later.